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Be comfortable, breathe easier with a flow-through humidifier

The EPA recommends maintaining indoor humidity levels between 30% and 50% for optimum health and home comfort. Dry air in the winter often leads to dry sinuses and other respiratory conditions, itchy skin, static shock, bloody noses and even cracked wood or plaster. Most often these concerns can be relieved by installing a whole-house humidifier for your Oklahoma home.

Problems We Solve With Humidity Control:

  • Humidifier repair
  • Humidifier maintenance 
  • Humidifier replacement
  • Humidifier installation
  • Dehumidifier repair
  • Dehumidifier maintenance
  • Dehumidifier installation
  • High humidity
    • Possible harmful biological growth in house and between walls
    • Stuffy, muggy or clammy feeling - “My house is too humid”
    • Cold and wet feel to air
    • Musty or mildew odors – “Dirty sock syndrome”
    • Uncomfortable regardless of temperature
    • Allergies and Asthma aggravated by microorganisms
    • Need to lower temperature to get comfortable
    • High energy bills due to air conditioner running excessively to dehumidify house
  • Low humidity
    • Static shock
    • Headaches
    • Sinus problems, respiratory issues and nosebleeds - “My house is too dry”
    • Dry eyes, skin, nasal passages
    • Home construction damage to hardwood floors, carpet, drywall joints cracking, crown molding, etc.
    • Need to raise temperature to get comfortable

NOTE: Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice. A small investment in measuring and testing may help you prevent or avoid untimely and costly repairs or potential catastrophic failure without guessing. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Benjamin Franklin

Installed directly into your new or existing heating and cooling system, flow-through humidifiers regularly monitor the relative humidity levels in your home and respond by delivering the right amount of moisture as you need it. When the perfect amount of moisture is maintained, you can feel more comfortable at lower thermostat settings, which means saving more on heating costs each winter.

Unlike portable humidifiers, flow-through humidifiers don’t require the hassle of cleaning and disinfecting and they provide humidity throughout your home. They are also designed to run clean, decreasing the levels of mold or bacteria that can make you sick.

Protect Your Health and Home with a Dehumidifier

Daily activities such as showering and cooking boost indoor humidity levels. When humidity levels get too high in the summer, your home becomes a breeding ground for microorganisms, increasing the levels of home allergens and asthma triggers. Pippin Brothers can help you control home humidity levels for greater comfort, health, and energy savings.

The benefits of a Pippin Brothers dehumidifier:

  • Makes home less hospitable to mold, mildew, and dust mites
  • Quiet units run automatically 
  • Greater home comfort
  • Reduces the use of your air conditioner, saving money

Although moisture levels will vary from home to home and region to region, all homes can benefit from humidity control. While working in conjunction with your HVAC system, a whole-home dehumidifier will help you balance the humidity in your home, allowing your air conditioner to run less in the summer.

If you experience any of the following issues in your home, your home will likely benefit from a whole-house dehumidifier:

  • Condensation on windows, floors, or plumbing
  • Musty odors or smells that don’t seem to go away
  • A sticky feeling after showering
  • Occupants suffering from allergies or asthma
  • Difficulty sleeping due to stuffy and/or stickiness at night

Having a Pippin Brothers dehumidifier can help eliminate these concerns in your Oklahoma home and provide a comfortable and healthy environment for you and your family.

Expert Home Comfort Technicians

The Pippin Brothers team is skilled in accurately determining if your home can benefit from humidity control and recommending the best solutions. As experts in the HVAC industry, our certified and trustworthy technicians can determine which humidity control system works best with your existing heating and cooling equipment, lifestyle, and budget. Since 1978, we have earned a reputation for our honesty and expertise is Cache, OK and beyond.

In addition to our core services, we provide consultations on the best products for you. Get our tips on safety, conservation and cost cutting included in your service!

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