Do you want to get started right away on home improvements? For homeowners that want to make home upgrades without losing time or home equity, EnerBank loans offer many advantages over traditional funding options. These loans are fast to process, have a lower financial risk, and a fixed APR.

Pippin Brothers is an authorized contractor for the EnerBank program, so the home improvement projects we complete can qualify. The Energbank loan program is flexible and has a low fixed rate for projects, allowing homeowners to save money compared to costly credit cards.

Quick and Hassle-Free

EnerBank allows you to put your attention into planning your home improvement project, not funding the project. Unlike credit cards, EnerBank provides a 120-day loan commitment from the application date.

This simple program allows you to work directly with the bank, not a finance company or loan agent to secure funding. Pippin Brothers can help you begin the application process, so call us today to get started at (580) 699-5660. Most loans are approved over the phone in just a few minutes.

Low Fixed APR

EnerBank offers low fixed interest rates, protecting you from future rate hikes and higher monthly payments. This varies from many credit card programs and some home equity loans that may offer an attractive initial rate, but can then skyrocket once the introductory period ends. A fixed-rate loan offers peace of mind that payments will remain the same for the life of the loan. EnerBank loans also have no prepayment penalty.

Less Financial Risk

Home equity lines of credit put your home at stake as collateral on a loan with a lien on your property. Unlike a home equity line of credit, EnerBank does not use your home as collateral, reducing your financial risk. Keeping your home equity intact also keeps more possibilities open to you in the future. 

How to Apply

EnerBank loan programs have an easy phone application process and we can guide you through it. Call Pippin Brothers today at (580) 699-5660 to get started. 

Want help financing your home improvement projects? Call Pippin Brothers today to learn about the easy low-rate EnerBank loan program.


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