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Pippin Brothers has been designing and installing HVAC and ductwork systems for new commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings since 1978. Mechanical contracting is a foundational aspect of our business and we have extensive experience installing custom HVAC systems for large construction projects, including churches, hospitals, schools, gas stations, military bases, courthouses, retail spaces, and more. We serve the entire state of Oklahoma and will travel to your job site. 


Our team does job-specific work and can plan, design, and install custom HVAC and ductwork systems according to your specifications. Examples of the types of commercial HVAC equipment we can install include:

  • Chillers 

  • Furnaces 

  • Boilers 

  • Heat pumps 

  • Split systems

  • Thermostats 

  • Humidifiers 

  • Dehumidifiers


Custom Sheet Metal & Ductwork

Your ductwork needs to be sized and designed correctly if you want to achieve comfortable, consistent temperatures throughout your building. Pippin Brothers provides custom sheet metal fabrication services and can design, fabricate, and install custom ductwork specifically for your commercial building.  


Custom commercial ductwork has many benefits for your building, including better energy efficiency, better performance, and long-lasting quality craftsmanship. Our custom ductwork is made specifically for your building’s size and layout, ensuring the best possible performance.


Custom Commercial Ductwork Blueprints

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