If you’ve been struggling through the hot weather for what seems like forever, replacing your air conditioning system can be a wise home investment, saving you money on utility bills and improving comfort for years to come. When you choose a high-quality air conditioning system that’s properly installed and maintained, it will keep you comfortable and help to lower your cooling costs.

Does Your Air Conditioner Need to Be Replaced or Serviced?

Although you may be convinced that a new air conditioner is the only way to go, at Pippin Brothers, we’ll always be sure to check. With nearly 40 years of experience serving the greater Lawton and Fort Sills, OK areas, our certified technicians can visit your home to conduct a whole-house evaluation.

We’ll begin by determining the state of your current system and assessing your home to determine your home’s exact air conditioning needs. We know that not all homes are the same, and not all zones within your home are evenly matched.

If you find that your summertime utility bills are unusually high, your cooling system may be the root cause of the problem. We often find that replacing an older unit with a new high-efficiency unit will do the trick and send your utility bills down while keeping your family cool and comfortable.

Install a New, Energy Efficient AC

Pippin Brothers offers state-of-the-art central air conditioners and mini-split heat pumps, so we’ll find the best system for your budget and your Oklahoma home. The unit will be right-sized to ensure it suits your home and your needs perfectly. Regardless of which new air conditioner you select, installing a new air conditioner will help:

  • Keep you and your family comfortable during hot weather
  • Reduce home cooling costs, so you can save for what really matters
  • Decrease repair and maintenance needs
  • Lower home energy use and decrease environmental impact
  • Provide you with long-term peace of mind

Expert Air Conditioning Installation in Lawton, OK

Pippin Brothers technicians are skilled in all areas of air conditioner and mini-split heat pump installation and repair. As experts in the HVAC industry since 1978, our certified, knowledgeable and trustworthy team always treats customers with respect, while providing the highest quality service.

We are known in Duncan, Oklahoma for our expertise and care in designing and installing dependable and efficient air conditioning systems. Don’t spend another day in a hot, uncomfortable home or continue paying outrageous cooling bills; get help from Pippin Brothers.

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