Ice on ac coils
July 6, 2020

So you’ve taken to turning on the air conditioner on another scorching Oklahoma summer day, only to find the cool air you need to keep your home from feeling like another “hot yoga” studio isn’t flowing out of your vents. A quick trip to investigate the “case of the missing cool” uncovers that there is ice forming on your AC coils. 

As a concerned, frustrated undoubtedly and sweaty homeowner here in the Lawton, Oklahoma area, you want answers to how you can unfreeze an air conditioner, and get back to relaxing in the summer oasis you call your home. 

What Causes an Air Conditioner to Ice Up?

The job of your air conditioner isn’t just to create cold air, it is also designed to remove heat from the air. And there are times where your air conditioner may actually be too good at doing both! As the hot ambient air of the air conditioner intake is sent to the outdoor unit via refrigerant line, the heat is removed (using refrigerant liquid/gas that your system is charged with.) When that heat is removed, the now cooled air is sent back into your home through ductwork and vents. 

When that air gets cold enough, it starts to turn any of the ambient moisture around the evaporator coils into ice crystals. In a surprisingly short time, those small ice crystals turn into lots of frost, restricting all airflow from your outdoor unit into your home and stopping your air conditioners cooling power dead in its tracks. 

There can be a few things that cause your air conditioner to freeze up this way, including:

What To Do If Your Air Conditioner is Frozen

Now that you know how the ice may be forming in your cooling system, you probably want to know what to do about it.

Step 1: Turn off your air conditioner

Walk to the thermostat, and switch it from the “cool” setting or “auto mode” to the “fan only” mode. This will prevent any more ice from forming in the short term, and will allow the ice to melt. 

Step 2: Wait!

Unfortunately, there isn't much else you can do but wait for the ice to melt! The ice is what is obstructing the airflow, and until that is gone you won’t be able to use your air conditioner.

Step 3: Call an HVAC professional

After the ice has melted, you may have fixed the problem in the short term. But there is still going to be ambient moisture present in your air conditioner, and the underlying issue with your air conditioner will most likely persist in freezing up your condenser coil. Scheduling professional AC repair & maintenance will diagnose and resolve the issue!

Homeowners Have Trusted Pippin Brothers Since 1978

If you are tired of high summer energy bills, and the frequent breakdowns or freeze ups of your air conditioner,  bring in the air conditioning repair pros that homeowners throughout Fort Sills, Duncan, Lawton and down to Wichita Falls have trusted for over four decades. Before offering solutions, Pippin Brothers will fully diagnose your frozen air conditioner woes, and if at any moment you are unsatisfied we will return the entire amount of your contract. Your complete satisfaction is our number one goal!

From AC breakdowns to freeze ups, solve your home cooling issues once and for all with a single call! Get in touch with Pippin Brothers today for fast and friendly AC service, by calling 580-699-5662.

How can an air conditioner freeze up in the heat of summer?

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