house on plains in oklahoma
December 28, 2015

For Lawton, OK homeowners who are looking to enhance safety, health, comfort, energy efficiency and overall home performance, it can be difficult to know exactly where to start. After all, there are a number of different home upgrades that can help to reduce your energy bills and improve home comfort levels, many of which can also add resale value to your home. At the same token, some home improvements are only effective when combined with the right set of circumstances. At the most basic of levels, it’s essential that your home envelope be properly sealed.

What is the Home Envelope?

Understanding how the home envelope works is the first step towards making valuable changes to improve energy efficiency in your own home. Essentially, the home envelope is what separates the conditioned spaces within your home from the unconditioned areas which surround it. The latter can include your home’s foundation, its roofs, exterior walls, attached porch, attached garage or exterior doors and windows among other features.

It’s important that the home envelope be properly sealed so that issues such as uneven temperatures, drafts, poor indoor air quality and high energy bills never interfere with home performance. While air leakage can occur practically anywhere in a home, there are a few areas where it happens quite commonly. These include your home’s windows, doors, attic, ceiling, penetrations in exterior walls and ceilings (switches, outlets, recessed lighting, etc.), ducts and foundation, all of which must be inspected if air leakage is thought to be a problem. Sealing the cracks and gaps that are typical of many Lawton, OKhomes will help to enhance comfort, energy efficiency and improve the quality of the air you and your family breathe. 

Start with a Home Energy Audit

Before any valuable home upgrades can be made, it’s essential that you have a clear understanding as to what might need addressing. This is where a home energy audit comes in, providing us with all the information we need in order to prescribe advice you may want to consider to  move forward. It’s like a visit to the mechanic when you’re vehicle is acting up—things will only get worse if left unaddressed. A home energy audit is a noninvasive, effective tool for enhancing home performance, and the benefits can be seen as soon as you perform the recommended work on your home.

Your home envelope matters, and the more you can do to ensure that it’s properly sealed, the more comfortable, healthy and safe your home will be and the more you can expect to save on your energy bill. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule an appointment.