Tax credits expiring, Pippin Brothers, Lawton, OK
December 6, 2011

The inefficient windows, ducts and heating and cooling system in your home could be wasting hundreds of your dollars in energy loss. Upgrading your home to be more efficient will not only save you money in the long term, but now is also more affordable with up to $8750 available in rebates and tax credits.

How does it work?
Many homeowners are plagued by drafty homes, leaking ductwork and older, less efficient heaters and air conditioners. Normally, repairing or upgrading these items can be an expensive endeavor. But, in order to encourage people to invest in energy efficient homes, the Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO) has initiated a rebate program that reimburses you up to $8,250. In addition, there is a current federal tax credit of $500, which could give you a total savings of $8750 on your energy-efficient upgrades!

What qualifies?
The Public Service Company of Oklahoma is offering rebates of up to $8,250 on qualifying:

Is this for real?
Yes! We have never seen anything like these rebates, either. Many other homeowners have already saved thousands of dollars by using this program, and you can too.

Here are just a few examples of people who have taken advantage of these huge savings:

  • Neil S. received $8,250 from PSO + a $500 tax credit = $8,750
  • Hal A. received $7,250 from PSO + a $500 tax credit = $7,750
  • Johnnie F. received $6,250 from PSO + a $500 tax credit = $6,750
  • Tommy L. received $5,250 from PSO + a $500 tax credit = $5,750

How do I start?
As one of only a few contractors in the Lawton area selected to participate in the PSO rebate program, Pippin Brothers is committed to helping you save money both short term (through these fantastic rebates) and long term (through an energy efficient home.)

And we are making it even easier! We are offering a free, whole-home analysis to any homeowners looking to take advantage of these great savings. We inspect your entire home and find out where your home’s energy loss is coming from and provide detailed solutions.

What do you have to lose? You get a free whole-home analysis and savings of up to $8,750. But act now, these rebates expire 12/31/11.

Schedule your free whole-home analysis today or call us at 580-699-5660 for more information.