The process of keeping your home secure has made its way to your smartphone with Wave Smart Home Automation. You can know who is at your home, where they are, and how they got in with multiple types of sensors, cameras and other security equipment that talks directly to your phone, no matter where you are!

Take control of who has access to your house and when. Know when any of your windows are open. You can even prevent water damage and home flooding by getting notified when there is a leak detected by a high-tech water sensor!

Plans and Packages For Every Home

You can choose the perfect security system to fit your needs, with three levels of equipment packages. You can also supplement any package with additional sensors to make sure your Wave Smart Home system is a custom fit. Available sensors and equipment include:

  • HD touchscreen control panel

  • Motion sensors

  • Image sensors (with camera)

  • Door & window sensors

  • Flood sensors

Lights, Camera, Safety

The impressive connectivity of the Wave Smart Home system keeps your home security in check, but it also allows for complete control of your lights and thermostats. Increase your home performance by programming your home temperature to maximize your energy efficiency!

Set your home to a more energy efficient temperature from the car after you’ve loaded up for your family vacation. Then on your way back home, turn all the lights on and turn your heating or air conditioning system back on so you’re comfortable as soon as you get back.

Take Smart Control, with Pippin Brothers

The trusted installation experts at Pippin Brothers are standing by to give you complete control over your home security and energy usage. We can help you improve your Walters, Oklahoma area home's security, comfort, and energy usage with a Wave Smart Home automation system.

Discover the peace of mind that comes with controlling your home comfort & security from your smartphone. Install a Wave Smart Home automation system with Pippin Brothers! Call us at 580-699-5662 or contact us today.

Looking to take control of your home security, no matter where you are?

Pippin Brothers has got you covered.


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Brand Buyer Beware

Beware comparing equipment like when buying appliances or electronics, as it may be the most expensive component in a potential solution, yet it's the least important part (only 10% according to studies) when it comes to how it performs and your happiness. Equipment alone WILL NOT solve unsafe, comfort-compromising, unhealthy air and energy-wasting problems.

“While Consumer Reports would like to provide you with brand and model ratings…it would not be practical because there are so many variables to consider, including a home's size and
design, installation…while a significant variable affecting performance is the quality and construction of the duct distribution system. Choose a reputable contractor who will take the
time to calculate your needs according to an industry standard such as...Air Conditioning Contractors of America (A.C.C.A.)” Consumer Reports