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You can rely on our expertise when it comes to preventing contaminated water from flowing backward through your pipes and tainting your building’s potable water supply to protect all occupants’ health and safety. Additionally, code requires backflow preventers installed in most commercial buildings

Pippin Brothers is a licensed and certified commercial backflow preventer installation, repair, and testing company that serves businesses of all types and sizes in Oklahoma, including apartment complexes, schools, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and more. We take occupant safety very seriously, and you can trust our team with this critical work. 

We’ll Install the Right Backflow Prevention Device for Your Business 

There are several different types of backflow prevention devices and assemblies, including:

  • Air gap 

  • Reduced pressure principle preventer

  • Double-check valve 

  • Pressure vacuum breaker 

  • Atmospheric vacuum breaker 

Your building may need one or multiple backflow prevention devices, depending on the plumbing system layout and the level of hazard present. The licensed backflow prevention technicians at Pippin Brothers will determine which type of backflow preventer(s) is right for your building and install it according to factory specifications and local code requirements. 

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How Often Does My Commercial Backflow Preventer Need to Be Tested? 

Annual testing is required by law in most areas. We recommended having ALL backflow preventer valves tested at least annually, and up to six times a year, based on demand usage to protect your building and its occupants from the risk of backflow. 

Commercial backflow preventers must be tested by an ASSE 5110 certified Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester and repaired by an ASSE 5130 certified Backflow Prevention Assembly Repairer. Pippin Brothers is both ASSE 5110 and ASSE 5130 certified. 

Schedule backflow preventer testing if you notice any signs of backflow, including: 

  • Changes in water pressure at one or multiple fixtures 

  • A change in the taste, smell, or color of tap water 

  • An outbreak of illness among building occupants 

  • Water discharging from the preventer

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