Whether your home uses water from a well or the municipal water supply, water safety is likely a concern in your home. Water treatment will ensure the water in your home is clean and safe for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and other household uses. As plumbing and water specialists, we install Plumber’s Choice water filters in homes here in the Lawton, OK area because Plumber’s Choice offers a wide variety of high quality water treatment systems.

Whole-House Water Filtration from Plumber’s Choice

Do you know what’s in your tap water? Household water often contains hard minerals, bacteria, and other contaminants which make water unsafe for drinking. Hard water may even corrode plumbing, stain sinks and tubs, leave water deposits on dishes, and more.

Water treatment systems from Plumber’s Choice remove harmful contaminants from water to make it safe for drinking, cleaning, and other uses. You might install a Plumber’s Choice whole-house water filter for improved water quality throughout your home, or you might install a drinking water system for clear and sparkling drinking water in the kitchen.

Clean & Safe Water with Plumber’s Choice Water Filters

Though you might invest in a home water filtration system for safer drinking water, that’s not the only reason to do so. Other benefits of installing a Plumber’s Choice water filter include:

  • Better tasting water for drinking and cooking

  • No more purchasing bottled water

  • Cleaner dishes and brighter laundry

  • Less risk of corrosion in plumbing

Want clean and safe drinking water at home? Pippin Brothers will help you select the best water treatment solution for your needs. Contact us to schedule an appointment!

Is your household water clean and safe?

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Brand Buyer Beware

Beware comparing equipment like when buying appliances or electronics, as it may be the most expensive component in a potential solution, yet it's the least important part (only 10% according to studies) when it comes to how it performs and your happiness. Equipment alone WILL NOT solve unsafe, comfort-compromising, unhealthy air and energy-wasting problems.

“While Consumer Reports would like to provide you with brand and model ratings…it would not be practical because there are so many variables to consider, including a home's size and
design, installation…while a significant variable affecting performance is the quality and construction of the duct distribution system. Choose a reputable contractor who will take the
time to calculate your needs according to an industry standard such as...Air Conditioning Contractors of America (A.C.C.A.)” Consumer Reports