Through over 30 years of designing cutting-edge climate control systems, Mitsubishi Electric has proven to be one of the top manufacturers of cooling and heating systems in the world. That’s why Pippin Brothers proudly installs Mitsubishi Electric mini splits in Lawton, OK for single zone and multi-zone heating and cooling!

Looking For Zoned Home Comfort?

Mitsubishi Electric has a home heating and cooling appliance for whatever your family’s priorities are — energy efficiency, air quality, quiet operation, or smart controls. Mitsubishi Electric builds state of the art appliances that feature benefits like:

  • Energy efficient INVERTER-driven compressor technology

  • Operation no louder than a restaurant conversation

  • Space-saving design

  • Multiple-zone capability from one outdoor unit

Hot and Cold — Right Where You Need It

The most surprising benefit when going with a mini split installed in your home is that it is a year-round solution for home comfort.  If you have one room in your house that your heating and cooling system doesn’t seem to reach, installing a Mitsubishi Electric mini split can supplement your current system with cozy heat in the winter and crisp, cool air in the summer.

Multiple Zones, One Unit

If you are looking to replace your home’s current HVAC system with a more efficient solution, Mitsubishi Electric climate control systems can make use of 8 units, connected to a single outdoor unit for the ultimate in zoned climate control. No more fighting over the thermostat — keep everyone comfortable all year round with energy efficient zoned heating and cooling.

Mitsubishi Electric + Pippin Brothers = True Home Comfort

When you pair the expertise of our Pippin Brothers home comfort specialists and the versatile,  energy efficient technology from Mitsubishi Electric, what you get is peace of mind knowing that your home will remain comfortable all year long, without breaking the bank on your energy bills. Talk to our experts today, and we can pair your specific home heating and cooling needs with the perfect Mitsubishi Electric product.

Stop setting for one temperature for the whole house. Experience the ease of Mitsubishi Electric multi-zone systems expertly installed by a Pippin Brothers technician. Contact us or call 580-699-5662 to schedule an appointment!

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Brand Buyer Beware

Beware comparing equipment like when buying appliances or electronics, as it may be the most expensive component in a potential solution, yet it's the least important part (only 10% according to studies) when it comes to how it performs and your happiness. Equipment alone WILL NOT solve unsafe, comfort-compromising, unhealthy air and energy-wasting problems.

“While Consumer Reports would like to provide you with brand and model ratings…it would not be practical because there are so many variables to consider, including a home's size and
design, installation…while a significant variable affecting performance is the quality and construction of the duct distribution system. Choose a reputable contractor who will take the
time to calculate your needs according to an industry standard such as...Air Conditioning Contractors of America (A.C.C.A.)” Consumer Reports