Fort Sill’s history includes a demand for military precision, from the Marines to the early days of aviation, and even the Pride of Fort Sill in the 77th Army Band. But when the winter arrives here in southwestern Oklahoma, is your home heating system standing at attention, ready to provide the heat you need for the duration of this winter’s mission?

If you have been missing that dependable conditioned air you need to heat your home, or are looking for a contractor that offers military discounts for our service families, the heating pros at Pippin Brothers are here to get your indoor temperatures back on track. We are a full-service HVAC contractor offering HVAC repair, replacement, and maintenance.

Diagnosing Your Furnace Problems

Think about your home like you would your health—you wouldn’t want a doctor to prescribe you medicine without fully understanding the symptoms, would you? As the trusted experts on heating and air in Fort Sill, OK, we aren’t looking to mask your home comfort issues by cutting corners or just treating the symptoms. Our NCI-certified heating professionals take a holistic approach to find the home comfort solutions you need to last the many Oklahoma winters to come. 

We have carefully hand-picked the best efficient furnaces and home heating technologies available. You can rest assured, our sole motivation when it comes to choosing the right heating system for you is finding the right fit for your home comfort, while keeping your monthly heating costs as low as possible. Remember, equipment alone WILL NOT solve unsafe, comfort-compromising, unhealthy air and energy-wasting problems—it takes expert calculation and installation!

We Aren’t Comfortable Until You Are

Our team does it all, from diagnosing your home comfort issues to updating your failing heating equipment. Our full list of heating services includes:

Experiencing home heating issues, but unsure of the cause? Schedule a home comfort and energy audit, and we will take a comprehensive look at every aspect of your overall home performance to diagnose your home comfort issues. Your comfort and energy audit results may uncover insulation issues that are contributing to your indoor drafts and high heating bills, or reveal that your home is in need of professional air sealing to decrease the infiltration of outdoor air and increase your air quality. Whatever the issue, put your trust in the experience of the residential HVAC companies in Fort Sill that will make sure you are taken care of from the first phone call until we pack up the truck—Pippin Brothers!

Has your furnace “Gone Elvis”? Bring your home heating equipment back to homebase. Get in touch with Pippin Brothers by calling 580-215-0438 today, or contact us here.

Heating bills higher than you expected this year?

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