Home Faucet Water Treatment
July 17, 2017

Few things matter more during the summer months than staying hydrated. Even still, it’s something that many people completely overlook, some of whom end up paying for it with headaches and even dangerous heat exhaustion when the sun is really shining. As important as the amount of water we drink happens to be, however, just how well do you know that what’s coming out of your faucet is clean and safe?

Don’t be alarmed, but if you’ve never had your water tested before, you really don’t know for sure what you and your family are drinking on a daily basis. If testing occurs and a problem is found in your Lawton, OK area home, water treatment is the solution you need, and the team at Pippin Brothers is here to help.

The Dangers of Drinking “Mystery” Water

Chances are you would’ve already made a few phone calls by now if the water in your kitchen sink or shower has been coming out black and sludgy. But what about water that looks perfectly clear and tastes and smells just fine? At first glance, there certainly don’t appear to be any issues, and those who drink city water likely believe they have nothing to worry about regardless. Like carbon monoxide, however, water quality issues don’t always present themselves in an obvious manner.

Even if you’re not drinking untreated well water and are convinced the public water supply is absolutely fine, contaminants such as sediment, bacteria, minerals and more can enter your water due to deteriorating pipes (often a result of acidic water) and other issues that affect the supply right before it hits your faucet. If you’ve ever seen stains in your sink or tub, for example, you may be dealing with high iron content. The list goes on, and the answer to all of these problems is the same—treat your water before you drink or bathe in it!

Water Treatment from Pippin Brothers

At Pippin Brothers, we take great care in helping our customers rest easy knowing the water they’re drinking is clean, safe and healthy. Our water treatment services start with a diagnosis of the problem, during which a water quality expert from Pippin will take a closer look at whether or not any issues are present—whether they’re obvious or easy to overlook.

From there, we’ll come up with a treatment plan that will stop hard water damage, curb the presence of bacteria and keep your pipes from suffering premature breakdown. We’ll answer any questions you might have along the way and keep your budget top-of-mind as we work to enhance the quality of your water once and for all.

Don’t serve your family “mystery” water this summer—Pippin has the answers you need. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.