July 4, 2012

For a limited time, Pippin Brothers is offering cash back when you trade in an old toilet, shower head or faucet for a more energy efficient model. 

Beginning now through July 31, 2010, when you replace an older toilet with a water saving, low-flow power flush model, you will receive $100 towards the purchase of the newer toilet. Receive $50 for your old shower head or faucet when you upgrade to a newer more environmentally friendly, low-flow model. 

Today’s toilets, shower heads and faucets are designed to operate using a great deal less water than their older counterparts. They operate by using less water to improve efficiency, reliability, and performance. These benefits will save you money-results you can appreciate. 

To take advantage of this offer, call (580) 699-5660 or contact Pippin Brothers todayNot sure if your toilet, shower head or faucet qualifies? We’ll give you a free estimate! Offer expires 7/31/2010.