Hail damage on a roof
June 18, 2020

When you start to hear that thumping on whatever roof you are under, it can only mean one thing: hail. 

When hail causes damage, it can cost homeowners a lot here in the Lawton and Fort Sill area, whether it’s roof damage, motor vehicle damage, or even window damage. But when the hail stops, and it is time to assess the damage as well as come up with a plan to fix it, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind to prevent further damage to your home and keep your family safe. 

Fixing Hail Damage on the Roof: Proceed with Caution

Just in 2020 so far, there have already been over 20 reports of hailstorms throughout Oklahoma. The largest hail reported this year was 2.75”, which is just about the size of a baseball! These photos were taken by a friend of our very own Shannon Pippin, this year:


Our roofs take the brunt of hail damage, which is why so many homeowners rush to spend their insurance money on the nearest roofing contractor. However, this is exactly where homeowners should take extra precautions!

In the over 40 years that Pippin Brothers has served the Fort Sill community with the best in HVAC service and repair, we have seen many instances where roofing contractors have unknowingly caused damage to the home under the roof they repaired, affecting the comfort and health of the occupants. This most often occurs through punctured refrigerant line sets that contain the refrigerant of a central air conditioning system, or vent pipes of the water heater and/or furnace disconnected in the attic, which can create dangerous ventilation issues, like carbon monoxide leaks into the home resulting in exposure and poisoning of the occupants.

Draining Refrigerant

The refrigerant of your cooling system is an integral part of what makes your air conditioner or heat pump operate, maintain comfort, and minimize energy bills, and it is also a potentially harmful chemical. If there is a leak in your line sets, the hole will need to be repaired, or the line set replaced and recharged to the correct pressure by a professional AC technician. A leaky undercharged system can result in premature equipment failure.

DisconnectedVent Pipes

The ventilation systems in your home help protect your indoor air from harmful chemicals, pollutants, and gases that can come from combustion appliances, the kitchen, and more. A disconnected exhaust vent can introduce carbon monoxide in the attic, which can find its way into the air you breathe in your home since your home’s building envelope breathes. Carbon monoxide in the home is dangerous even at small levels, and should be fixed as soon as possible!

Have you already repaired your roof? Pippin Brothers offers free inspections of your refrigerant lines and exhaust vents to ensure there is no additional damage to your home or health after the roofing contractors have left. Just contact us to schedule yours!

Additional Hail Damage Precautions

When golf balls or baseballs made of ice are falling from the sky, this large hail can also damage any of the outdoor components of your air conditioner, heat pump, or mini split. The outdoor condenser coil fins can become damaged and result in lost capacity, comfort, and efficiency. Because of the electrocution risk associated with opening up your outdoor unit, assessing the damage should be left to an HVAC contractor.

Pippin Is Here to Help 

Whether you need repair for your Lawton damaged roof, your home in Fort Sill needs roof repair, or you’re looking to sort out how much Duncan hail damage costs to repair, you need answers soon as possible. But make sure your roofing services contractor understands the dangers of damaging what is underneath your roof!

If you suspect you may be suffering from a drained refrigerant line set, your exhaust vents have been disconnected, or your outdoor air conditioning compressor has been damaged from the hail, get in touch with Pippin Brothers today. We’ll make sure you’re treated with honesty, integrity, and respect, and we’ll get your systems up and running in no time!

Concerned the hail storm may have damaged more than just your roof? Pippin Brothers will get your cooling system up and running again. Call 580-215-0438 or get in touch here.

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