tankless water heaters provide consistent hot water that never ends in Lawton, Oklahoma
January 15, 2016

We’ve all had that moment: You’re in the shower, minding your own business, when all of a sudden a steady blast of cold water ruins everything. We all want a reliable and consistent stream of hot water, especially during the colder months. The unfortunate reality, however is that tank-based water heaters reduce the frequency of access to high-quality hot showers. At Pippin Brothers, we’ll install a tankless water heater to restore the comfort of hot water for your Lawton, OK area home.

4 Benefits Of Tankless Water Heaters

A tankless water heater installation by Pippin Brothers has many benefits, but the ones most commonly experienced by homeowners ranging in Lawton include the following:

1: Consistent access to hot water everywhere in the home

From the shower to the washing machine, hot water will always be everywhere you need it to be, even when being used simultaneously in different areas of your home.  When sized properly you can have an endless supply of hot water.

2: Less space occupied by tankless water heaters

With a tankless water heater, heating your home’s water supply will take up significantly less space when compared to older tank models. This enables homeowners to have consistent access to hot water, while also being able to use their larger basement space for other relevant home options, like living space and storage.

3: Boosted energy efficiency compared to old, clunky tank heaters

Old tank heaters  typically cost more to operate because they have to continuously heat and reheat a reservoir of water whether you are using hot water or not.  A tankless water heater operates in standby mode and only heats water as needed. With a tankless water heater, you’ll cut down on gas and save money on utilities.

4: Rebates for qualifying customers

Centerpointe is offering qualifying customers $250 if they convert from a conventional tank water heater to a tankless water and $900 if you switch from an electric water heater to a gas tankless water heater.  Call for details.

With these benefits in mind, it’s important to also acknowledge the price of installations. Despite being incredibly more convenient and reliable when compared to tank heaters, the installation costs for tankless water heaters are somewhat more expensive. However, if a reliable, consistent water heating experience is what you’re looking for, tankless water heaters are still considered to be the best investment for your Lawton home.

How Pippin Brothers Can Help

To ensure the smoothest installation experience and highest quality results possible, our licensed and certified contractors will evaluate your home to find the best possible solution for your water heating problems. After creating a customized plan, our contractors will skillfully equip your home with a tankless water heater. After the installation is complete, your Lawton home will be set up with comfortable and reliable hot water for years to come.

Get your home’s hot water back on track, with Pippin Brothers Home Services. Call today and schedule a consultation!