Mini split heat pumps used to condition air in Lawton, OK
March 22, 2016

Mini split heat pumps are all the rage in the heating and cooling industry, and for good reason. In many ways, they represent the future of home performance, and homeowners in  Lawton, OK are taking note. All this said, there’s a lot of confusion regarding what mini split heat pumps actually are and how they work. Once you understand these incredible products, however, it becomes clear that they’re quite simple in operation and can do a great deal of good in terms of boosting home performance and enhancing indoor comfort levels.

What is a Mini Split Heat Pump?

A mini split heat pump is essentially a two-part system that can heat or cool any room or large open area in the home. They are especially useful in rooms that are outside of the reach of your home’s HVAC system or far from the centrally-located thermostat and have comfort problems as a result. Heat pumps are made up of four components: a compressor, a condenser, an expansion valve and an evaporator. They work by moving refrigerant through copper coils that change the state of the substance from liquid to vapor in a closed loop and can be used to heat the home in the winter and cool it in the summertime. Because one part of the system sits outside, they’re incredibly silent and will not disturb the indoor living environment.

Advantages of Mini Split Heat Pumps

There are a number of advantages associated with mini split heat pumps, especially when compared to traditional heating and cooling systems. Here are just a few that all homeowners should keep in mind when deciding upon whether or not to move in this direction:

  • Flexibility: Because they do not rely on existing ductwork, heat pumps are highly flexible and can used to heat or cool practically any area of the home.

  • Lifestyle Comfort: You can heat or cool only the rooms or areas of the house you are occupying to achieve supreme comfort that matches your lifestyle. This added control can also dramatically cut down utility costs.

  • Energy Efficiency: It’s difficult to find a heating or cooling system that offers more in terms of energy efficiency than a mini split heat pump. If your goal is to reduce energy bills, this is the system for you.

  • Better Indoor Air Quality: Heat pumps filter outside air to ensure that you’re not breathing in harmful contaminants or allergens, which can’t be said of many traditional HVAC systems.

  • Easy Installation: Mini splits rely on small pipes to transfer hot and cold air between units, which means they’re easy to install and minimally invasive to the home.

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: Ductless heating and cooling means enhanced zoning capabilities throughout the home, allowing you to customize the way the home is conditioned and reduce your carbon footprint overall.

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