Why won't my furnace shut off? Pippin Brothers, Lawton, OK
February 19, 2014

Here’s a burning question we hear from Lawton, Oklahoma homeowners: “Why won’t my furnace shut off?”

To answer this, we need to know what you mean by that since it can be interpreted in different ways.

Do you mean the furnace blower (fan) won’t turn off? Or do you mean the furnace burners won’t turn off?

We’ll tackle these separately.

Furnace blower won’t turn off

This means the furnace blower is pushing out air, whether it’s heated or not, through the vents 24/7.

Common causes of this problem:

  • Your thermostat fan setting is set to ON. Turn it to AUTO and see if that helps.

  • Thermostat or fan relay switch problem- Turn the thermostat to OFF. If the fan still does not turn off, there’s a malfunction with thermostat or the furnace’s fan relay switch. Call a professional to replace whichever is the problem.

  • Pilot light is out- You’ll know if the pilot light is out if you’re not getting any heat at all but you feel air coming out the vents. Relight the pilot light. If it won’t come back on or it keeps going out, have a professional diagnose the problem.

Furnace burners won’t turn off

If your furnace keeps blowing hot air and won’t stop, the furnace burners aren’t turning off.

Common causes of this problem:

  • Thermostat temperature setting is too high. The furnace will run constantly to keep up on a cold night.

  • Air filter is too dirty. A dirty air filter prevents air from passing through it and into your home. So your furnace is always running since it can’t heat your home to the thermostat temperature setting. Check your air filter and change it if dirty.

Call a professional to diagnose your furnace correctly. Trusting a licensed technician to make the necessary repairs will ensure the problem is solved completely, properly and up to code, provide a guarantee and possibly save you headache and frustration down the road. 

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