What is the best location for my thermostat
August 5, 2015

Your thermostat’s job is to read the temperature of the air that surrounds it, then use that info to tell your system when to cycle on and off. 

That’s why its location can make a HUGE impact on your home’s comfort and energy costs.

So here are the 2 rules for finding the best place in your home for a thermostat.

Rule #1: On an inside wall in a central area

The temperature your thermostat reads is supposed to represent the “average” temperature of your home. The area known to best achieve that is:

  • An interior wall (typically a hallway)

  • In a central location

  • Mounted 52-60 inches above the floor

This allows your thermostat to interact with your home's natural air movement (warm air rising, cool air sinking) and the height can also prevent setting changes from accidental nudges.

Rule #2: Away from air vents and direct sunlight 

To operate properly and effectively, your thermostat should be located away from sources that radiate too much heat or cold. Otherwise your system will cycle on or off when it doesn't need to and in turn, cost you money from the constant starting and stopping.

This means you should place your thermostat away from:

  • Windows with direct sunlight

  • Supply air vents

  • Doorways with major drafts

  • Skylights

  • Floor and table lamps

Oh, and by the way...

Whether you’re remodeling your home or experiencing uneven temperatures, installing a home zoning system can be one of the most efficient ways to satisfy your home comfort needs. Often one thermostat for your entire home simply can’t do the job alone. 

Zoning is a system that uses multiple thermostats (and your home’s ductwork) to directly control the temperature in individual areas inside your home (i.e. your home office and bedrooms or different floors in multi-level homes). 

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