Should you get your furnace checked annually?  Pippin Brothers, Lawton, OK
November 14, 2012

Routine check ups are a part of life. Dentists recommend yearly check ups, vehicles require regular oil changes and tune-ups, and we endorse annual furnace check ups.

Annual furnace check ups are also recommended by ENERGY STAR, the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Department of Energy and your Lawton, OK utility companies.

3 Ways an Annual Furnace Check Up Saves You Money

Getting your furnace checked annually by a heating professional will cost you a little money and time up front but will save you much more in the long run.

For example, an annual furnace check up will save you money by:

  • Catching big problems before they become large ones – By having a trained heating professional check out your furnace each year, you can find small problems early on, before they turn into much larger repairs.
  • Reducing your energy bills – A check up of your furnace will include cleaning critical internal components, such as your heat exchanger and burner, which will help it heat your home more efficiently this winter.
  • Helping your furnace live longer – Regular furnace check ups will also save you money by increasing the lifespan of your furnace. Without proper maintenance, a furnace will not last as long, costing you hundreds of dollars to replace.

Annual Furnace Maintenance Protects Your Family

Furnaces burn gas to create heat in your Lawton-area home using a process called combustion. Although normally extremely safe, when a furnace is not properly maintained, there are some problems that can occur in this process.

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning – Carbon monoxide is a toxic invisible and odorless gas that is created from incomplete combustion. Furnaces that have not been regularly maintained are much more likely to produce dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.
  • Gas leaks – Natural gas leaks in your home can be a recipe for disaster. During a furnace tune-up the technician will make sure there are no cracks in your heat exchanger and burner assembly.

Getting your furnace checked annually helps you avoid costly breakdowns, reduce your heating costs, increase your furnace’s lifespan and protect your family. (And if your furnace is new, they also help maintain your manufacturer’s warranty.)

So start reaping the rewards of regular maintenance in your Lawton-area home – schedule your furnace check up online or sign up for one of our money-saving maintenance packages.