Save energy, Save Money, Pippin Brothers, Lawton, OK
July 2, 2013

 You can’t beat this weather! It feels too good outside to not be anything but happy and thankful for such a pleasant Summer.

It did get me thinking, though. How can we take advantage of these cool temps? What can we do to save money on our energy bills?

A good place to start is to get rid of any “energy vampires” you may have in your home. These are TVs, lamps, appliances and whatever else you leave plugged in all the time, but rarely use. They are using energy and costing you money even though you are not actively using them.

So, put your TVs on a power strip and turn them off when you are not at home and while you are sleeping. Also, unplug lamps and kitchen appliances that you don’t use on a regular basis.

While this is valuable information that everyone should take advantage of, you should also find out how to save energy and money on your home’s biggest energy burner – your air conditioner. There are “high-efficiency” air conditioners that can save you between 24-40% on your usual utilities.

That is definitely worth investigating!

For more information on lowering your energy consumption and putting more money in your wallet, take a look at this info, The Definition of Insanity.