New air ducts that improve your comfort, Pippin Brothers, Lawton, OK
September 21, 2012

Much the same way the road you travel affects your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, the air ducts in your home heating and cooling system affect your Lawton area home’s energy efficiency.

If you are considering upgrading your ductwork, here are 5 characteristics that could save you money and improve your comfort.

Balanced = more comfortable rooms
Do you have rooms that are warmer or colder than the others in your home, no matter what you do? One of the main causes of this uneven temperature distribution is air ducts that are not properly balanced.

New technology has given us a huge edge over older methods of duct installation. We can now calculate precisely how much air should be directed into each room. Dampers in the ducts direct control the airflow to each room and help deliver complete home comfort.

Correctly sized = longer life for your equipment
Did you know that your old ductwork could actually be suffocating your air conditioner and heater? In order to function as designed, heating and cooling equipment must be supplied with sufficient airflow.

Yet, many homes in the Lawton area do not have adequate return ducts. This insufficient supply of air can cause your heater and air conditioner to work harder than necessary, resulting in a decreased lifespan.

Direct runs = lower energy bills
The most energy efficient ductwork is the most direct ductwork. Once the air leaves your heater or air conditioner, the quicker it reaches its destination, the more energy efficient your home comfort system will be.

Direct runs of air ducts in the attic, basement and other unconditioned spaces, minimize the amount of heat loss or gain from outside temperatures.

Sealed joints, seams, and connections = cleaner, healthier, more comfortable air and a system that does not have to work as hard or run as long
According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) most duct systems leak 25-40% of conditioned air. This yields efficiency loss as well allowing dirty contaminated unconditioned air to be circulated throughout your home. The result? Your heating and cooling equipment runs longer yielding higher energy bills and lower levels of comfort. A sealed duct system solves all these problems and allows your equipment to operate a close as possible to designed ratings to deliver maximum comfort for the lowest possible cost, and sustain system longevity.

Better insulation = less heat loss/gain
In the summer, the air coming out of your air conditioner goes into warm ducts, warming your recently cooled air and decreasing your system’s efficiency. This one of the reasons shorter runs of ducts (above) decrease energy bills.

You can reduce this heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter with newer, better insulated ducts. The insulation keeps the extreme outside temperatures away from your conditioned air, improving energy efficiency and lowering utility bills.

Think your Lawton area home may have duct problems? We can take a look and let you know if new ducts, duct repair or better balancing can help you achieve a more comfortable and more energy efficient home.

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