How to prevent thousands of dollars in water damage.  Pippin Brothers, Lawton, OK
April 24, 2012

It happens the same way every year: spring follows winter and leads to summer. However, every year the summer heat seams to take many Lawton area homeowners by surprise. They forget to perform regular air conditioner maintenance, leading to costly breakdowns that could have been easily avoided.

In fact, 23 problems cause 93% of air conditioning failures, and 16 of them are preventable with proper maintenance according to an industry trade group study. Additionally, a utility study discovered that 9 out of 10 HVAC system failures are caused by dirt and dust and are preventable with regular maintenance.

Clean systems restore capacity yielding improved comfort and lessen running time, therefore reducing operating costs and extending system life. Translation: Savings on monthly cooling bills.

The following four tips will improve your cooling system’s efficiency and help you reduce the risk of breakdowns this summer.

1. Change your air filter
We make it a regular habit to encourage homeowners to check their filters every 30-90 days (depending on the type of filter you have), but it seems to still go forgotten. Your air filter plays an important role in protecting your air conditioner from large air particles that can collect on its coils and cause long-term damage. Dirty filters do a poor job of collecting these harmful particles and also restrict airflow, causing your air conditioner to work harder than necessary, reducing its lifespan and its energy efficiency.

2. Remove obstructions
It’s a good idea to make it a regular habit to look around your outside air conditioning unit and clear away any debris around it. In Lawton leaves, branches, grass and weeds can collect over time, restricting airflow to your air conditioning system. Also, if any shrubs or bushes are encroaching on your air conditioning unit, trim them back a few feet.

3. Check the drain line
When your air conditioner is running, it drains excess moisture out of your home through a drain line. This is normal operating procedure. However, if this drain line becomes clogged, water may back up into your home, causing water damage or mold growth. With your system running, check the drain line. There should be a small amount of water draining. If there is no water draining, your line is may be clogged and need to be cleared.

4. Get a professional air conditioner tune-up
It’s difficult to do a complete assessment of your cooling system’s condition without opening it up. Like a regular oil change for your vehicle, an air conditioning tune-up by a licensed professional will keep your system running safely and efficiently and reduce the chance of a more costly repair down the line.

As we said at the beginning, it happens the same every year; the summer heat always follows spring. This year, you can be prepared. These four tips will help keep your air conditioner running safely and efficiently throughout the summer.

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