Ultimate guide to preparing your home for summer energy efficiency.  Pippin Brothers. Lawton, OK
July 11, 2012

In cooler climates, saving on air conditioning costs is easy – turn off your air conditioner. For those of us in the Lawton area, air conditioning is essential. But you do not have to be suffer from high utility costs all summer.

Implement these three tips immediately and you will find relief from high air conditioning costs.

Eat Cold Meals
On the hottest of days, avoid using your oven completely. If you must use your oven, wait until late in the evening or early in the morning. You can also cook some meals ahead of time and reheat them in the microwave (or eat them cold).

If you want a hot meal, consider using your crock-pot, small electric grills (like a George Foreman), microwave, and stove instead of your oven. These appliances generate much less heat than your oven.

Some meals that require little or no cooking include:

  • Fresh salads
  • Sandwiches
  • Wraps and pitas
  • Soup
  • Crock-pot meals

Enjoy a Cool Breeze
Look up. You see that strange-looking thing hanging from the ceiling with 3-5 blades? Turn it on. Moving air feels much cooler than stagnant air. That means you can turn on your fans and turn up the thermostat and still remain comfortable! According to ENERGY STAR, for every one degree you raise your thermostat you can save 10% on your air conditioning bills.

And before you ask, yes the fan uses electricity, too. But studies have shown that a typical ceiling fan on a medium setting can run for three hours before you will pay one penny in utility costs. However, fans do not actually lower the temperature (they just make it feel cooler) so remember to turn off fans in rooms you are not using.

Live in the Dark
At least during the heat of the day, make sure the blinds and drapes on your windows are closed. That flaming ball of gas in the sky known as the sun tends to make everything its light touches much warmer.

By blocking out the sun, you will also be blocking out much of the heat that is transferred through your windows, reducing your cooling costs by diminishing the amount of time it will run.

No one wants to sacrifice their home comfort in the name of saving a few dollars. By using these three free ways to reduce your air conditioning costs, you won’t have to.

Pippin Brothers has been proudly providing Lawton area residents with energy efficient air conditioning solutions since 1978. For more ways we can save you money, contact us online.