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April 13, 2023

Plumbing issues can be annoying, especially when they involve your toilet. While a plunger can fix a backed-up toilet in many cases, there could be bigger problems under the surface. Plumbing systems can be very sensitive. The experts at Pippin Brothers can help determine why your plumbing is clogged, and fix the issue at the source. Here is what to look for when your toilet keeps clogging.

1. Blocked Toilet Trap

The toilet trap is the S- or P-shaped section of your toilet. The curved design of this section holds standing water to prevent odors and sewer gasses from entering your bathroom. The trap is also the main connection line between your toilet and your home’s drain pipes.

If too much gets flushed down the toilet, it might get stuck in the trap and can get partially or completely blocked. This is the most common reason for a backed-up toilet. When the toilet trap gets clogged, a plunger can usually fix the issue. If that doesn’t work, it’s best to call Pippin Brothers for drain cleaning

2. Flushing Non-flushable Items

Toilets are designed to flush human waste, small amounts of toilet paper, and nothing else! Even items that claim to be “flushable” can cause a toilet to back up. Here are items that commonly get flushed down the toilet, but shouldn’t be:

  • Wipes
  • Paper towels
  • Menstrual products
  • Napkins
  • Hair
  • Too much toilet paper

While clearing the backed-up toilet with a plunger or professional services will usually unclog a toilet, it’s good to get in the habit of throwing these items in the trash bin to avoid future clogs. 

3. Problems With the Main Sewer Line

Sometimes, the main sewer line connecting your home to a sewer system or septic tank can cause a backed-up toilet. If the line is damaged or compressed—which commonly happens with tree roots—all of the plumbing drainage in your home will be affected. The experts at Pippin Brothers use state-of-the-art video to detect problems with utility service lines at the source.

4. Low-Flow Toilets

Toilets that use less water are more likely to clog because there is not enough water pressure to clear debris efficiently. Many early-generation low-flow toilets are especially prone to backing up and need plumbing repair on a regular basis. Newer low flush toilets are tightly engineered and all the parts must be working at optimum in order to provide a flush. If this is an issue you’re dealing with, we can perform a plumbing inspection to determine the efficiency of your toilet and your entire home plumbing system.

5. Blocked Plumbing Vents

The airflow from plumbing vents in the drain pipe system is crucial to your toilet’s operation because it can create pressure for the toilet to flush. Without plumbing vents, a toilet will clog and release sewer gasses into your home, causing poor indoor air quality. A plumbing inspection from Pippin Brothers will involve checking your plumbing vents and water pressure to ensure your plumbing system runs efficiently. 

Stop Backed Up Plumbing Before It Happens

Routine plumbing maintenance is key to avoiding costly repairs and ensuring your system is at peak performance. At Pippin Brothers, we offer a wide variety of plumbing maintenance plans with peace of mind protection that includes:

  • 15% off plumbing repair services
  • 7-day-a-week service
  • 5% off plumbing products 

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