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July 10, 2023

Is the water in your Lawton home murky or smelly? Maintaining good water quality is not only crucial to your family’s health and safety, but it can affect your home’s performance as well. At Pippin Brothers, we offer several types of water treatment services to keep your water clean and healthy. Here are our top 5 tips to improve your water quality.

1. Test Your Water

Whether you get your water from the city or a personal well, we always recommend water quality testing before starting with any water treatment. That way you can know exactly what—if any—contaminants reside in your water so you can get to the source of the quality problem while avoiding costly and ineffective repairs. 

The EPA also recommends getting your water tested annually or if you have changes to your plumbing system—like a new well, pipes, or pumps. From now through September 1, 2023, get a free in-home water test from Pippin Brothers! Test for hard water and chlorine with this no-cost test to get started finding the best water conditioning product for you.

2. Get a Water Softener

Hard water contains high levels of minerals—like calcium and magnesium—that leave residue on your faucets, dishes, other surfaces, and even leave your clothes not feeling or smelling clean. Hard water can also cause damage throughout your home and decrease your comfort in ways that include:

  • Shorten the lifespan of your water-using appliances
  • Dry & itchy skin
  • Slow water flow
  • Accelerate corrosion

At Pippin Brothers, we install a variety of high-efficiency water softeners that provide benefits to your entire Lawton home. Hard water treatment will not only make your skin and laundry feel better, but you’ll save on energy costs and extend the life of your water-using appliances as well!

3. Consider Reverse Osmosis

As one of the most effective water filtration methods on the market, reverse osmosis (RO) uses pressure to force minerals and contaminants from your water. RO systems can be installed on your faucet, under the sink, or even throughout your whole home to create clean, great-tasting water in limitless supply. You can rest assured that your water is safe with reverse osmosis, as it can effectively remove:

  • Total dissolved solids—like toxic metals and minerals 
  • Chlorinated pesticides
  • Radium
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like cleaning agents

4. Install a Whole Home Filtration System 

Installed at the point where water enters your home, these systems effectively treat your entire water supply at the source. A whole home filtration system can also be customized to treat your water for specific contaminants, improving its smell and taste. They will also protect all of your water using appliances, fixtures, and faucets from early deterioration, stains, scale buildup, and more.

As part of the Pippin Brothers Water Conditioning Promotion going on from now until September 1, 2023, you can get up to $1,000 off the installation of a whole home water filtration system! We have multiple filtration options available, so call our team to learn more!

5. Replace Your Old Faucets, Valves, and Piping

If you’ve had the same faucets, showerheads, valves, and piping in your home for more than 15 years, you may want to consider replacing them. As faucets, showerheads, valves, and piping age, they are prone to accumulating rust and mineral deposits that can lead to water discoloration with a metallic taste and develop leaks due to corrosion. Old faucets, showerheads, valves, and piping can also reduce the efficiency of your water heater, cause your drains to clog, and even affect your water flow. 

During a plumbing inspection from Pippin Brothers, we can evaluate your faucets and other fixtures, valves, and piping to ensure the safety of your entire plumbing system. If your faucets are old or faulty, we can even install filtered water systems on your replacement for additional protection against harmful contaminants.

Call Pippin Brothers For All Your Plumbing Needs

Our experienced technicians can help you get to the bottom of your water quality issues. Get started today with a water quality test so you can start benefiting from clean and healthy water. At Pippin Brothers, we understand that plumbing issues can come without warning—that’s why we offer our services 7 days a week throughout the Lawton area. We can also help you avoid plumbing disasters before they happen with regular maintenance and repairs.

Get cleaner water! Call 580-699-5662 or contact us online to learn more about water testing and purification services.