Air Conditioners

Air Conditioning UnitUnsurpassed Quality and Comfort All in a Cooling System!

Pippin Brothers believes in carrying and delivering our clients the finest products on the market. Our customers trust us to provide them knowledgeable and reliable advice on which air conditioning system will work best for their home, and we can do the same for you. When choosing a new cooling system, the best place to start is finding a high efficiency operating unit. 

Determining the annual efficiency of your air conditioner or heat pump system is done by the SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Air Conditioning Unit Efficient Ratio). The higher the SEER, the more energy efficient the system is, and in turn the lower your operating costs will be. If you find that your utility bills are unusually high, your cooling system may be the root cause of the problem. 

Our Pippin Brothers technicians can visit with you and provide your home with a full whole house evaluation inspection, which includes closely monitoring your existing air conditioning unit.  Often times, we find that replacing the older unit with an updated high efficiency unit will do the trick and send you utility bills back down while keeping your family cool and comfortable.

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