Well Water

Stop Hard Water Damage

Hard water can cause unseen damage to your home. Scale from hard water shortens the life of water-using appliances, increases energy usage, clogs pipes and reduces flow rate in showerheads and faucets. The EasyWater No-Salt Water Conditioner uses electronic scale-control technology to reduce hard water build-up in your home. Your water can have a more natural feel, and water-using appliances perform as expected — without adding salt or chemicals to your water.

Protect Against Rust Stains, Odor and Toxins

Are you adding salt or chemicals to your water to try to prevent iron stains? The EasyWater® Iron Shield+ with Toxin Guard offers an innovative and natural solution for eliminating iron stains, rotten-egg odors, tannins and manganese. Instead of using salt or chemicals, Iron Shield+ injects air into a proprietary filtration media to eliminate these contaminants along with undesirable iron stains, and foul tastes and odors. Iron Shield+ also reduces many invisible toxins which can be even more dangerous when inhaled or absorbed through the skin while bathing than they are in your drinking water.*

*Richardson, Susan D. 2007. “Water Analysis: Emerging Contaminants and Current Issues.” Analytical Chemistry. 79(12): 4311-4312.

Neutralize Acidic Water

Did you know acidic water can be extremely damaging to your home? Acidic water can cause copper pipes to corrode, leaching metals into your water and leaving blue-green staining around your home. Tiny pinhole leaks may form in pipes, resulting in costly plumbing repairs and water damage to drywall and floors. EasyWater® Acid Shield uses a mineral-based media to raise the pH of acidic water, saving you money and making your water safer for your home.

Guard Against Bacteria

You may be surprised to learn that in a recent study, 34% of all private wells tested positive for E. coli or total coliform bacterial contamination.* If you have city water, you can also have bacteria or viruses in your water that contaminate the water supply at the source or on the way to your home. Some microscopic pathogens can even survive commonly applied disinfectants that are used in private wells or by water treatment plants. EasyWater® Bacteria Shield is a UV water treatment system that uses a targeted range of ultraviolet light to inactivate harmful bacteria and viruses in your water before they can hurt you or your family.

Better RO Water

Would you like to have reverse osmosis water, while keeping the beneficial minerals? Most faucet-mount, pitcher and refrigerator filters leave behind many of the hard-to-remove contaminants, while most reverse osmosis water systems leave your water with few healthy minerals, a low pH, and a flat taste. EasyWater® RevitaLife Drinking Water System is a reverse osmosis drinking water system that combines the power of membrane filtration with a unique remineralizing process that restores beneficial minerals, raises pH to a more natural level and improves the taste of your water.

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