Water Heaters (Traditional)

Water Heaters - Energy Wasting Offenders!
Water Heaters

Water heating is the largest energy user in your home, next to heating and cooling. This percentage continues to rise as homes become more and more energy efficient in other ways. A technician from Pippin Brothers can help you select the water heater that best reduces water heating costs and increases your home comfort.

What Should You Consider When Purchasing a Water Heater?

There are many important things to note when choosing a new water heater, below are some things to consider:
  • Tankless or Traditional - While traditional may be more inexpensive and common, new tankless water heaters are known to save space and energy.
  • Equipment Capacity - When determining the capacity of your new system, you must consider how many people live in your home more so than the home size itself.  Your water heater will have to work overtime if there are many members of your family that require hot showers in the morning.
  • Energy Efficient - Purchasing a system with a higher "Energy Factor" rating will ensure an energy efficient system.  It is best to find a rating between .50-.80 for optimum performance.

  • Price vs Quality - It's true that you can find a fairly inexpensive system that will appear to work fine, but after doing a little research you might realize that you will spend more on your utility bill in the long run than buying a higher quality system upfront.  If you purchase a quality system, it will work more efficiently and lessen your bills over time.

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