Plumbing Inspection

Plumber inspecting a water heaterOffering You a Full Point Plumbing Inspection

Pippin Brothers can inspect storm and sanitary drains, waste and vent piping, water distribution piping, plumbing fixtures, equipment and appliances.  We inspect your appliances and plumbing system for leaks, proper grading, proper balance and pressure, and more.  We also offer plumbing repairs and products to help you with your equipment needs!

What Are a Few of the Things We Look For in Our Plumbing Inspection?
  1. Leaks in exposed pipes in walls or foundation.
  2. Signs of corrosion could indicate water or pipe issues. Pippin Brothers will look for stains around the fittings and shutoff valves, which could indicate a sign of corrosion causing leaks or bad connections.
  3. Water pressure check, if it is too low this could be a sign of line problems or sediment buildup.
  4. Speed of drainage in sink and tub drains - if draining too slow this could indicate a clog or blocked vent pipe.
  5. Flush the toilets to make sure they operate properly. Open their tanks and look for worn or missing parts. Then wait around for a few minutes to see if the toilet runs after a pause, a sign of a slow leak.
  6. Drain the water heater to remove sediment that has settled to the bottom. Sometimes leaks in faucets are caused by hard water wearing out the washers.
  7. Mildew evidence where standing water accumulates.
  8. Look for cracks on the toilet tank or bowl or on sinks.
  9. Shower and bath faucet check for leaks around handles and valves.
  10. Sump pump check to confirm equipment on and operating properly.

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