Heat Pumps

Lawton, OK familyReliable and Durable Performance All Season Long

Pippin Brothers proudly offers durable high efficiency Heat Pump products, ensuring that your family will enjoy year round, dependable comfort.  Whether it's heating your home during the coldest winter days, or cooling your family off on the hottest summer nights, we have you covered!  In the winter time, heat pumps draw heat from the air outside your home and circulates it through the ducts and into your home. In the summer time, heat pumps draw heat from the inside of your home and releases it into the outdoors.

Determining the annual efficiency of your heat pump system is done by the SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Air Conditioning Unit Efficient Ratio). The higher the SEER, the more energy efficient the system is. It can also reduce your cooling costs by as much as 65% and qualifies as an Energy Star product with the U.S. Department of Energy.

What are the benefits of heat pumps?
  • Dehumidifies indoor air as it cools
  • Can be used year round making them cost effective
  • Can produce smaller temperature swings adding to your comfort

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