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Pippin Brothers Heating & Cooling Oklahoma

Unsurpassed Quality and Comfort in a Heating or Cooling System!

Pippin Brothers believes in carrying and delivering our clients the finest HVAC equipment on the market. Our long-term customers trust us to provide them knowledgeable and reliable advice on which heating or air conditioning system will work best for their Wichita Falls, Texas or Lawton, Oklahoma area home, and we can do the same for you.

Problems We Solve For Your Heating and Cooling:

  • Comfort issues – is your home too hot or too cold? Homes often feel comfortable in some rooms but not in others.
  • Energy efficiency challenges – are your utility bills too high? Your home may be leaking conditioned air or your HVAC equipment may be oversized.
  • Equipment lifespan – does it seem like you are replacing equipment every few years? We can help you extend the life of your investment.
  • Overall home health – heating and cooling systems affect indoor air quality. Good systems help prevent respiratory issues.
  • Environmental impact – these days, we are all doing our part to be more green.

When choosing a new system, our certified building science technicians will consult with you in the following process:

  1. Determine the overall heating and cooling needs for your home’s living spaces – and whether you can reduce those demands by increasing other aspects of home performance.
  2. Discuss the options for your new heating and cooling systems with certified pros – finding a high efficiency operating unit is imperative.
  3. Get the installation done right and set your home zones for optimal comfort – including consideration of a new, smart thermostat.
  4. Set your new system up for long-term reliability with proper ongoing maintenance.

In the Lawton and Wichita Falls areas, Pippin Brothers Home Services is the obvious choice for all 4 steps!

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What our customers are saying:

  • Want to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to you and your team, for the very professional & excellent workmanship exhibited in the installation of a heating & A/C unit. We'll be sure to recommend Pippin Bros. to our friends. Thanks again.

    Sharon & Robert, Lawton, OK
  • The Pippin Brothers team were timely and highly professional while installing my unit. I will recommend this team to anyone including my family. Good job and 'hooa'; as we say in the military.

    Darrel, Lawton, OK
  • Wouldn't use anyone else!

    Barbara, Lawton, OK
  • Service was timely and excellent.

    Otis, Lawton, OK
  • A job well done, they were very friendly and helpful. I would recommend them to everyone!

    Imma, Lawton, OK
  • Very well pleased with service...nice manners.

    Alice, Lawton, OK


Why is my furnace blowing cold air?  Pippin Brothers, Lawton, OK
We offer dependable furnace equipment built to last year-round, keeping your family warm and comfortable in the cool winter months. State-of-the-art energy efficient furnaces are designed for consistent airflow delivered by a variable-speed fan motor with adjustable speed.

Replacing your air conditioning system can be a wise home investment, saving you money on utility bills for years to come. A high-quality air conditioning system that is properly installed and maintained can run well for decades.

Pippin Brothers proudly offers durable high-efficiency heat pump products, ensuring that your family will enjoy year-round, dependable comfort.  Whether it's heating your home during the coldest winter days, or cooling your family off on the hottest summer nights, we have you covered!  

Consistent home comfort is easy to achieve with a new thermostat. Upgraded thermostats also save you money – up to 33% on your annual heating and cooling costs. Interested in home zoning? We have solutions there, too.
Your home's heating and cooling systems should be properly maintained to achieve maximum efficiency and home comfort. Pippin Brothers can help you keep your heating and cooling systems running smoothly throughout the year, preventing costly equipment replacement.
Pippin Brothers offers air balances services in Lawton Oklahoma

Does your home have uneven temperatures? Even the most efficient heating and cooling systems will not operate at optimum levels without sufficient air balancing. Pippin Brothers performs air balancing, ensuring proper function and operation of your HVAC system in all areas of your home.