Insulation Application
August 3, 2017

It’s been quite a hot summer in and around Lawton, OK and we’ve heard from more than just a few homeowners that their cooling systems just aren’t getting the job done. It’s easy to blame air conditioning for issues associated with indoor comfort, but what if were to tell you that it’s not your AC that’s truly at fault? More often than not, hot homes in the summertime are the way they are because of a lack of proper insulation.

If poor insulation is to blame for your summer discomfort, we’ve got bad news—your winter may be even worse. The solution? An insulation upgrade from Pippin Brothers!

What Does Insulation Have to Do With Summer Comfort?

When the average homeowner hears the word “insulation,” winter warmth and cozy comfort typically come to mind. Most people are familiar with the concept of how insulation works to keep our heat inside when the chilly winds outside are blowing, but what isn’t quite so well-known is just how important insulation is during the summer months. Why? It all comes down to heat transfer.

Picture a home that is riddled with cracks and gaps in exterior-facing walls and features very little insulation. In this scenario, there isn’t much between your home’s interior and the harsh outdoor environment—air and heat are literally allowed to travel freely between the two spaces. In the winter months, this means cold, heavy winds causing drafts and preventing your heating system from working properly. In the summertime? You guessed it—excruciatingly hot air from outside constantly enters throughout the day.

Air Sealing + Insulation = Year-Round Home Comfort

When it comes to creating a comfortable home, your HVAC system is only one part of the picture. In order for it to work properly, you need to ensure that the home is well-insulated and fully air sealed. Once the job is completed, you can expect a cooler home during the summer months and a warmer home in the wintertime. Add to this additional benefits such as reduced electricity costs, better indoor air quality and longer HVAC systems lifespan, and insulating becomes a true no-brainer.

At Pippin Brothers, we believe nothing matters more than the safety and comfort of our customers. No one deserves to be uncomfortable throughout the year, and with our help, you can finally put home comfort issues to rest.

To learn more about what an insulation upgrade can do for your home, contact us today and schedule an appointment with one of our experts.