Energy Savings Calculator

A Compact Fluorescent Light bulb overlayed on a sheet of US $100 dollar bills How much can you potentially save on your air conditioning and heating bills each day, month or even year?

Heating or Air Conditioning system's that run efficiently and in top performance can add up to extreme savings for your household.  A home comfort system that is 10 years or older, may give you signs that it's time to update your equipment. Newer systems that are high performance and energy efficient will make a difference in your home's comfort level, as well as in your wallet. That's because older equipment wastes energy and costs you significantly more to heat and cool your home.
To see how much you can save each year with a higher-efficiency system, use our calculator:

We should consider not only the cost of wasted water and energy when we are making the decision to fix a leak but also the true value of water as one of our most valued natural resources.

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