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Do not overlook important areas in your home where energy can be saved--the ductwork of the heating and air-conditioning system.

No matter what kind of insulation you buy, check the information on the product label to make sure that the product is suitable for the intended application. A good insulation label should have a clearly stated R-value, and information about health and safety issues.

Keep your outdoor condensing unit free of debris. If you keep grass clippings, leaves, shrubbery and debris away from your outdoor unit, it should only require minimal care. Check the base pan (under the unit) occasionally and remove debris to help the unit drain properly.

A clogged drain can be so frustrating; and, of course, it happens more often than we care to think about! Usually, kitchen sink drains clog because of a build-up of grease. The grease traps food particles, which eventually clogs the drain. Now, the bathroom drains are a different story. They are usually clogged by hair and soap. So, take some simple precautions to avoid this situation.

Make sure that vents (with a ventilating fan) are installed in your kitchen and baths. These rooms can produce a lot of moisture. Ventilating fans are great but will be of no use if they are not turned on! So make sure that you use them!

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