Core Values Without Compromise

Lawton, Oklahoma familyCustomer-Driven
Understand and evolve to meet and exceed customer’s expectations 100% of the time. We make a difference in customer’s lives by improving their quality of life, providing optimally efficient comfort, healthy air, safety, security, and peace of mind. Our goal is to deliver the best in-home service experience of any company in an effort to keep customers for life and have them be ambassadors of goodwill in happily referring our company.

Integrity Integration Is Integral
Only with Honesty, Character, Ethics, Trust, Honor, Allegiance, and Reliability can we inspire others to aspire by our example and serve with loyalty to country, customer, and company.

People Power
We only hire highly competent, caring, disciplined, responsible, conscientious and dedicated with a never-ending commitment quality and excellence, teamwork and the service of our customers. Our people undergo a thorough screening process before being hire, including drug-testing and criminal backgrounds checks and registered sex offender inquiries and one infraction disqualifies employment. Our people are the biggest difference in the satisfaction of our customers and success of our company.

Respect Beyond Reproach
Treat each person as you would like to be treated and respect customer and company property at all times. Understand the value of the time and resources our customers invest with us and act accordingly.

Pride, Passion, Purpose and Expectation
A personal commitment to an attitude which separates Excellence from Mediocrity, yields a higher level of performance, and will ultimately result in more than satisfied customers, referrals and the realization of the company vision. Always STRIVE WITH PRIDE, be Energized, Passionate, and Purposeful; and have fun and enjoy what you do. Be the best and accept no less.

Value and Convenience – THE MOST
Provide the right solutions, at the right price, at the right time, that help our customers save time, money, worry, and frustration, which ultimately yields a better quality of life and standard of living for our customer. We will offer extended service hours and fair prices and be available for our customers at their convenience, not at our leisure, while being available to serve 24/7/365.25 with a live person ALWAYS on the other end of the phone and not a barrier to service. We will show up as promised or the service is FREE. We will be easy with which to do business while offering the MOST value.

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